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Jacks or Better 4 Line Video Poker by Playtech

Jacks or Better 4 Line Video Poker

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Jacks or Better 4 Line Video Poker

About Jacks or Better 4 Line Video Poker

Four line video poker is popularly played online. This is a form of electronic poker that became immensely popular in the 1970’s in land-based casinos, and has transitioned well into the online space. Playing video poker still makes use of the same poker hands, but is a great way for players to practice without the threat of making wagers against other players. They are playing against a virtual banker or house, and as the name suggests Jacks or Better 4 Line Video Poker indicates that the player needs at least two Jacks before they are able to create a winning hand.


Unlike an online video slot machine, video poker requires an element of skill from the player. While cards are still dealt randomly, controlled by algorithms designed to mimic a real dealt poker hand, the player needs some knowledge of how poker ranking works. Fortunately this information is contained in the pay-tables which also tell us how ranked hands are paid.

It is not a difficult game to play, even though it can be a challenge, and this keeps it perpetually interesting. Both expert and novice poker players enjoy playing this game.

It is played with four packs of standard 52 playing cards which are displayed after being dealt, along four lines. The player selects a wager which is generally a fixed coin value of between $0.05 to $5 for each round. The low cost games make a good option for novice or low-rolling players.  The RNG then deals five cards, and the player needs a pair of Jacks or higher to continue. The player chooses the cards to hold, and the cards to discard which the game keeps, or discards. The kept cards are then held on all four rows and new cards dealt to fill in the gaps. If the player wins then he wins.


The aim of this game is to win, and to use basic strategy in order to keep grinding out wins. It is quite possible to do this by referring to the pay tables and keeping hands within what is required. Playing over four lines helps the player to maximise time, and also offers four times the opportunity to win. The lowest hand is a pair of Jacks and the highest is a Royal Flush. This is A-K-Q-J-10 of the same suit.

Jacks or Better means that the minimum possible winning hand for this game is a pair of Jacks or a hand better than that (Pair of Kings, Queens or Aces). The Royal Flush is the best possible hand.

Bonus Feature

There is no bonus feature to be found however some software developers may link it to a progressive jackpot prize, where the player makes a wager to buy into this prize too.


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