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In recent times, there have been many new variations of blackjack that have changed some of the basic rules of the game. One of these versions is called “Face Up 21” which gives the players a big advantage by making both of the dealer's cards visible. However, there is a price to pay for getting that extra information.

Normally in blackjack, you'll see one of the dealer's cards but not both of them. If the dealer shows a 9, most players plays the hand assuming the dealer will get a 19. But the player would make much different decisions if he knew that the dealer actually had a 7 under the 9, giving him 16.

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The same is true if the dealer has a 4,5, or 6. These are usually considered the worst dealer cards because the assumption is they'll get a 10 and another 10 and bust. But if you know that there is a 5 underneath another 5 or a 6, you won't be so quick to split cards or double down.

There are other times when you'll be able to see that a dealer's hand has been completed. If you know he has an 18 or a 19, you won't stop hitting unless you have his total tied or beaten.

Those are some examples of the advantages the player has when he plays Face Up 21. Since he knows what the dealer has, he does not have to form his strategy in the dark, as is the case in a regular bkackjack game. But in exchange for the added information, the player gives up plenty.


In Face Up 21, a blackjack does not pay 3-2, as in a normal game, but just even money. Another rule change that may be even more important is that all ties go to the dealer unless he and the player both have a blackjack. In some online casinos, this tie is considered a win for the player. In others, it is considered a push.

There are other rules in Face Up 21 which are different in each casino. Make sure you know the rules being offered before you start playing. You don't want to plan your strategy in a hand expecting the dealer to stand on 17 only to find out that your casino has the dealer hit on a soft 17.


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