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About Supernova

Supernova is a slot game from Microgaming which does not offer many features. It has no progressive jackpot, you cannot win free spins and there are no bonus games. But though Supernova is not complicated, it does offer some exciting extra twists.

Supernova Slots is basically a three-reel game. There are two extra reels, but they only come into play on a winning spin. There are a total of 27 pay lines. On each spin, you have your choice of betting between 0.20-50.00. The maximum payoff in the game is 2,500.00.

Special Features

The setting of Supernova is a futuristic space world, with a glittering mix of bright colours. There are just six symbols in the game and they are all either purple, red or green. The three lower paying symbols are each considered to be a “Helix,” while the better paying ones are exploding and glowing “Supernovas.” The most valuable symbol in the game is the Orange Supernova.

You need three of the same symbol on one pay line to win. Your chances for success are helped considerably by the game's Wild Logo symbol.


The fourth and fifth reels of Supernova Slots are always spinning with the three main reels. They are ignored on all losing spins, but when you win, those two reels give you a very good chance to add considerably to your total. Each of those reels has several multipliers on them and if your spin lands on the right symbols, your winnings can be increased by as much as fifty times.

Special Bonus Features

When you have a winning spin in Supernova, the amount of your win will light up across the reels. The fourth reel will continue to spin. It contains both multipliers and Black Holes. If you land on a Black Hole on that reel, the spin is over. But if you avoid the Holes, your winnings will be multiplied by whatever number you land on. The multiplier can be as much as 10x.

If you do get a multiplier on the fourth reel, then the fifth reel will come into play. It is set up quite similarly to the fourth reel. If you land on a multiplier on reel five, your winnings will again be increased. But even if you land on a Black Hole on the fifth reel, you will still keep all of your winnings from the spin.


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