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Reel 'em In-Big Bass Bucks Review

About Reel 'em In-Big Bass Bucks

Reel 'em In-Big Bass Bucks offers no progressive jackpot nor any chance to win free spins, but it does have several bonus games and a very large maximum payoff.

This game was created by WMS Software and is a revised version of an earlier game. It now has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. You can play as many as 20 coins on each line and they can be worth anywhere from 0.01 to 5.00. The maximum bet for one spin is 100.00 and the maximum payoff is 50,000.00.

Special Features

The game board is set in a body of water, though it could be a fish tank as easily as an ocean. There are several different fish who are among the symbols in the game, plus a fishing reel, a lure, a floating hat and a tackle box. The Wild symbol in the game is a pink-headed fish, which has a 50,000.00 payoff when you get five on an active line.


While five of the Wild symbol can be a life-changing win, you'll still find success if you can reach any of the bonus rounds. Reel 'em In-Big Bass Bucks has four different bonus games. They all offer either cash prizes or multipliers.

Bonus Game Features

The Reel 'em In-Big Bass Bucks bonus games can be quite lucrative, but they are a bit complicated. There are several different Scatter symbols which lead to different games with distinctive features.

If you get a Fly Fish appearing above the fifth reel and then a Bass symbol below it, you will enter the Fly Fishin' bonus. In that game, you'll win a multiplier that will increase your winning payoff by as much as 10x.

Three of a Bait symbol will take you to the Fishing Hole game. You'll select one of the figures on the screen to do the fishing for you. There are several different objects he could reel in, all of them offering some kind of a payoff. If he finds the sunken Treasure Chest, you could be sent to two other bonus games, the Fishing Contest or the Big Bass Fishing Hole.

In the Fishing Contest, you will pick a fisherman and you will win prizes for every fish he catches, plus an additional prize if he wins the Contest. In the Big Bass Fishing Hole game, there are very big multipliers available for every big mouth fish your angler catches. The multipliers you can win can be worth as much as 40x.


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Lynne Kanner
Lynne Kanner ● Posted on 2018-03-09 22:32

love he game but I keep losing the sound. I also don't know how to save my game

Judy Wessel
Judy Wessel ● Posted on 2017-01-14 05:42

great game, great fun really enjoy playing thanks

Susan E
Susan E ● Posted on 2017-01-07 21:14

Lots of action and fun.

Susan E
Susan E ● Posted on 2016-11-26 19:24

Lots of action and fun to play.

Nancy Johns
Nancy Johns ● Posted on 2016-10-19 17:48

it sucks ass

Judy Wessel
Judy Wessel ● Posted on 2016-10-13 22:18

great game lots of fun

sydjosh ● Posted on 2016-02-17 06:48

This game wont work for some countries

Pat Dickmann
Pat Dickmann ● Posted on 2016-02-15 06:48

didn't work

Betty Knight
Betty Knight ● Posted on 2015-09-28 04:49

love this game but how do you keep your points

Mark Lindemood
Mark Lindemood ● Posted on 2015-09-23 13:27

I love it

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