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Arthur's Quest

Arthur's Quest by Amaya

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Arthur's Quest by Amaya

About Arthurs Quest Video Slot

Amaya Gaming is the design team that have brought Arthurs Quest into the online slot playing genre. This game is themed on the classic Arthurian tale, and offers five reels, as well as nine pay-lines. There are other ways to win in bonus features, but also a 12500 coin top jackpot prize in the main game. Bear in mind that this prize can only be won when paying a maximum wager.

Special Features

This is not really what we would call a high end slot in terms of graphic design, so, if 3D, and HD, and all the graphic as well as interactive bells and whistles are the name of you game, this is not the slot for you. Illustrations are simple, sounds are not really in theme, and reels have been set into an illustration of the castle of Camelot. Honestly speaking, illustrations are of colouring book quality, and this does not hold much appeal for this reviewer.

Icons are the wild which is Excalibur (Arthurs’ sword and pays the highest prize), a set of crossed jousting lances, and a set of crossed war axes. If these three line up they pay out a special prize. Additional symbols are all Arthurian in theme, but again, very simply illustrated. They are a pennant bearing a coat of arms, Camelot, Merlin the Magicians’ pointy hat, a battle horse and golden chalice.

Betting takes place with a coin range of between 0.01, and 5.00. When betting across all lines on a maximum wager this will cost 225.00. It is not completely clear how many lines, or coins per line we are betting across, and we found this a little confusing, so, spent just about all our demo credit in two spins.

Bonus Features

There are three bonus games features in the Arthurs Quest video slot. These are triggered by the icon depicting Arthur, the symbol of Merlin, and the iconic Guinevere. To enter any of these bonus games, one must land at least three of the bonus icons on the lines, and this means matching icons of either three characters.

Arthur will trigger the Stone in the Sword Feature; Merlin activates the Pick a Spell game, and Guinevere – the Enchanted Dragonfly feature. Unfortunately as we had used up all our demo credits, we were unable to activate any of these features. But honestly speaking, we believe we did not miss much.

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