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About Koko Wars

Koko Wars is a rather bizarre simulation game, which is based on robot fighting and boxing. The game can considered a virtual sports game, which offers bets on the fights. If you happen to pick the right fighter to bet on, then you will win. If you’ve picked the wrong one, you will lose. It is that simple, really.

How to play

Graphically, there isn’t much to boast about in this game. Players can choose from a total of eight fighters at a time, each with their own odds for success. Sometimes the underdogs will win a fight, but it is rare.

After selecting your chosen bets, you will be taken to a screen where you can see the fight simulated before your eyes. If one characters health bar disappears before the end of the fourth round, then they are knocked out and will lose. These tournaments can be good fun to bet on, but at the end of the day, who wins and who loses is left to chance. Perhaps there is too much randomness in this game to appeal to serious virtual sports betting fans.

Wagering and prizes

After choosing the match they wish to bet on, players can then decide how much they wish to wager on each fight. At its cheapest, the game will cost you 0.25 per bet, whilst at its most expensive, it can cost you upwards of 50.00 per bet. You can opt to bet on the outright winner of a fight, or the round they will knock out their opponent in.

Winnings seldom tend to extend beyond the 3x your total bet for the later rounds. You can win as much as 20x your total bet for a first round knock-out, although that almost never happens. Pay-outs are decent, although there is that element of randomness in how the winners are determined, as we’ve said.

Final thoughts

It is easy to see what 1x2 Gaming were trying to do with this virtual boxing game. If it was a little bit more realistic in terms of odds to winners, then it would be a great release for them. However, there is just too much left to change in this game for it to provide you with big wins on a fairly consistent basis.


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