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About 7 to Ace Multi

7 to Ace Multi is virtually identical to Pariplay’s 7 to Ace Classic instant win game. The only real difference between the two is that players must wager on all 4 suits in this game, whilst in the original version, they are betting solely on however many suits they wish. At most, you can win 1,000x your bet in this instant win game.

How to play

Players have no choice but to bet on all four suits in 7 to Ace Multi. So, they might as well get on with it. You can pick one card from each of the suits represented on screen. That means hearts, suits, diamonds and spades. With a card ranging from 7 to Ace selected in each suit, you can hit the play button.

4 cards will then be drawn at random from the deck, and those cards will then be compared to those that you have bet on. If you have any matches between your hand and those above, then you can win a pay-out from the pay-table. Should they not match, you will lose.

Wagering and prizes

Players can choose bets that range from 1.00 up to 10.00 per game in this title. That does not affect the paytable, though, since you will still win the same pay-out rate no matter how much you bet.

The pay-out rate in 7 to Aces Multi is pretty standard. For winning with just a single card, you’ll get a win of 1/2x your original bet. Should you win with 2 cards, then you’ll pocket 2x your bet. If you win with 3 cards, that win rises to 20x your bet. If you successfully predict all four cards (which is a long shot), then you can win a whopping 1,000x your total bet.

Final thoughts

7 to Aces Multi is little different than 7 to Aces Classic, really, if we’re being totally honest. The main difference is that players cannot choose how many cards they wish to bet on – they are forced to bet on all four. However, the pay-outs are significantly better for winning on 1, 2 or 3 cards in this game, than in the original title. Should you predict all four cards correctly though, the jackpot is only worth half as much as in 7 to Aces classic. The choice then, really is up to you.


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