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7 to Ace Classic by PariPlay

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7 to Ace Classic by PariPlay

About 7 to Ace Classic

7 to Ace Classic is an unusual instant win game, the rules of which you may not be familiar with. Naturally, the only cards that will play a part in this game are those numbered 7 to Ace. This game is really basic in its simplicity, and so it doesn’t require a lot of effort to grasp. On the other hand, it isn’t exactly exhilarating with its gameplay, either.

How to play

The first thing that a player needs to do is choose how many cards they wish to bet on. You can bet on 1 card up to a total of 4. After you have chosen how much you wish to bet, you must decide which cards you are going to bet on. You can place your first bet on any card that appears on the betting board, however, for your other bets, you must place one bet per suit. For instance, if you are betting 3 times, then you must bet on three different cards in three different suits. You cannot bet more than once per suit.

After your bet is made, you can click on the play button to see which cards will be drawn from the deck. If those cards match those that you have bet on, you will win. What could be simpler?

Wagering and prizes

When you set out to bet in 7 to Ace Classic, you must first choose your stake. Stakes range from 1.00 up to 10.00 in total. Even if you place more than one bet (bet on 4 cards for instance), your total bet remains the same. Instead, the amount you can win will decrease, the more suits you bet on.

Players can pocket 5x their bet for landing a win on a single card. Betting on two cards will see you pocket 0.5x your bet for your first card, and 30x your bet for your second. Bet on three suits, and you will 3/10, 7/10x and 300x your bet for predicting 1, 2 or 3 cards correctly, respectively. If you bet on all four suits, you will win 2/10x, 5/10x, 8/10x or 2,000x your total bet for predicting 1, 2, 3 or 4 suited cards, respectively.

Final thoughts

7 to Ace Classic is really basic, and it is really simple grasp. You might even say that it is too basic, since it doesn’t really exude entertainment. Yet, for players who love simplistic card games, they might just be in luck with this primitive card game.


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