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6 Card Bingo by Random Logic

6 Card Bingo

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About Six Card Bingo

Six Card Bingo is basic bingo game, which can be played as an instant win title in several online casinos. Six Card Bingo will allow the player play standard 90-ball bingo, with a total of six cards to rely on. The lay-out is well-designed, with the bingo cards off to the left of the screen, the pay-table located away to the right, and the gaming control bar across the bottom and in the middle of the screen.

How to play

Once you have chosen your stake, you can click on the play button to start. The bingo game will then very quickly draw numbers out at random. If they match the numbers on one of your bingo cards you will win. Unlike other online bingo games, you cannot compete for a line, or two lines in this title. You can only win with a full house (a completed a bingo card).

The more balls it takes for you to complete your bingo card, the less you can win. The pay-table on the right details what you will get for calling bingo within a specific number of drawn balls. The game moves pretty fast, but if it is still not fast enough for you, there is a turbo button you can click which offers you a completed game in near instant time.

Wagering and prizes

The player will receive a pay-out for every card that they complete. For instance, if you finish two cards, then you will receive the prize money for both cards, with each pay-out dependant on when a card was finished. The top pay-out in Six Card Bingo is 10,000. You can win this by calling bingo within 15-40 balls, unless you are playing with high stakes, in which case you can go to 45 balls. The lowest pay-out is generally one-fifth of your total stake, if you call bingo in 81-85 balls.

At its cheapest, you can play the Six Card Bingo game for just 0.50 per game. However, those players who want a high-stakes game can opt to wager as much as 50.00 per game. All six bingo cards are included in the stake that you wager.

Final thoughts

Obviously, this game would be more appealing if you could win on a single line, or two lines. However, the amount you can win is pretty high in relation to standard bingo games. This makes it likeable!


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