Unlocking Fantasies with Luck and Magic Slot from BGaming

Unlocking Fantasies with Luck and Magic Slot from BGaming


Have you ever imagined a land where magic and fortune intertwine? BGaming lifts the curtain on such a world with its newest addition: Luck & Magic. Journey through portals into a land of fable where destiny is sculpted by an assembly of fantastical beings, echoing some of favorite video game legends and motifs.

Breaking the mold, Luck & Magic introduces a gripping way to game. Say goodbye to the conventional reels you know. Here, mystery cards lie face-down, each holding a hidden symbol and treasure. With a spin, they unveil their concealed wonders, presenting players with a refreshingly new gaming dynamic.

The Guardian of Fortunes:

Overseeing your fate on these reels is a venerable wizard, wielding his magic as the Bonus emblem. Gather three of his symbols on the initial trio of reels, and voila! You're whisked away to the special Bonus Round. Here, you'll be presented with five mystic cards. Choose wisely, for behind one lies a potent multiplier. And for those eager for thrills, the 'Buy Bonus' option awaits, letting you dive straight into the magic.

The Maestro Behind The Magic:

But what force conjures such captivating experiences? Enter BGaming, the celebrated arm of SoftSwiss. With its global clientele, it’s renowned for delivering top-notch online casino escapades, especially in regulated domains. Though a relative newcomer, having made its debut in 2018, the developer hails from the vibrant city of Minsk in Belarus. They've swiftly carved a niche, concentrating on crafting stellar online casino entertainments. Their offerings range from spellbinding slots to games that embrace the cryptocurrency wave.

In a short span, the brand has amassed an awe-inspiring library of over 40 titles. Every game beams with cutting-edge graphics, pulsing with the heartbeat of advanced HTML5 tech. Be it classic tabletop encounters, riveting poker face-offs, or the mesmerizing allure of video slots, they have it all. Their unique, trailblazing designs echo in every creation, proving BGaming is not just another name but a trendsetter in the iGaming universe.

CO-CPO at BGaming, Julia Aliakseyeva said: “At BGaming, our vision is to convert gambling into gaming and with Luck & Magic, we invite players to experience a card game and slot all-in-one. In a truly innovative move, we offer players the chance to flip cards on the reels and see each symbol’s value without having to refer to a paytable. Additionally, we used some of the most magical video games characters to feature in this release – including highly-detailed artwork for an enchanting experience like no other.”

By Ivan Stefanovic

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