The Reels Spin like Clockwork

The Reels Spin like Clockwork


Clockwork Mice is a British drama movie, but don’t make the mistake of associating it with the latest title from Realistic Games, bearing the same name as it has absolutely nothing to do with it. The sci-fi theme is everything but realistic, as it features a futuristic world of mice who, apparently, run everything like clockwork. The game does run like clockwork, and there’s a lot of music and other effects to keep you entertained as you watch the little guys collect winning combinations from the screen. The only downside is the lack of animations for the background.

There are big and small wins available, with the usual high volatility. Betting can be modified to your liking, so you can spin with pennies or stake everything on one round. The main feature of Clockwork Mice is the countless free spins that also come with enticing multipliers.

Realistic has been quite busy lately, and you can expect a lot more fresh games to come out in no time. Some of them more realistic and some less realistic than this one. Meanwhile, as you wait for the games to come out you can check our slot section for their existing titles. There are plenty to choose from, and all offer fun for free!

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