Late for the World Cup but Still Here for Football 3x3

Late for the World Cup but Still Here for Football 3x3


It’s not exactly football season anymore, yet there seems to be a good few reasons to check out this latest slot  from 1x2Gaming. Truth be told, I have never seen such a slot before! It’s not that the game would bring anything completely new to the markets, it just manages to get simplicity right from the get-go and keeps things interesting…

As excellent a slot for short bursts of excitement as can be made!

A fun and simple concept:

Here’s the catch: the game comes with nine individual reels that all have their own symbol positions and that all spin at the same time. Basically, this is just nine individual paylines with their own setup. This results in a simple, fast and fun game. Betting is easy, and you can even select how many of the reels you want on at any one time. One or all; it’s up to you!

But wait, it’s more complex than that:

The top, middle and bottom reels all have different payouts. The goal is the same on all reels. Match three and land a win. The top reels pay up to 40 coins, the middle ones up to 150, and the bottom ones as much as 2500...

Mix, match and experiment, you are sure to like this game. Give it a go at Videoslots!

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