Explore The Ocean Depths And See What It Holds In Mermaids Galore Slot from Kalamba Games

Explore The Ocean Depths And See What It Holds In Mermaids Galore Slot from Kalamba Games


Now, who doesn’t like mermaids and their feminine, sensual, yet fragile appearance? They usually bring back our childhood memories and remind us how we loved stories with them as main characters. Here, in this brand-new slot, they will help us grab some cool prizes!

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Logically, the entire story is set under the sea and players will have a goal to dive in to make sure that every single valuable thing is collected. We forgot to mention that this game is titled, Mermaids Galore, and it was released by one of the most creative developers, Kalamba Games.

Those users who have been actively following their releases know that KG almost always unleashes a truly adventurous game. For instance, in Mammoth Chase players are on an interesting exploration of the wilderness during which they are constantly bumping into mammoths.

On the other hand, in Ruby Hunter, their sidekick comes in the form of a fiery and brisk young girl who is on a mission to help them end the game as winners. Why did we mention these two? It’s because we wanted to depict how Kalamba functions. They want each of their reel slots to be highly entertaining, and this latest release is no different.

So Many Features To Love:

One of the most popular mythological creatures in the world will give players many reasons to keep playing. First of all, they will come across bonus jackpots, casino spin retriggers and wild multipliers.

If they are interested in larger wins, they can always blast-off HyperBonus, activate the instant play of slot spins and pray that they will be bestowed with sensational rewards. By utilizing HyperBet, players will have the chance to determine their play style and define the number of gold symbols in the reels.

Generally speaking, this slot is filled with a plethora of gold, volatility and has an excellent pay out potential. Furthermore, it is exclusively distributed on the ORYX Gaming platform across a wide geography and to some of the biggest operators in the marketplace.

Alex Cohen, COO and co-founder of Kalamba, commented:

“Mermaids Galore supports the high end of volatility for our advanced player fan base but also caters for beginner and intermediate play styles with Kalamba’s HyperBet feature. We’re seeing an increasing demand from slots lovers for our unique in-game features and have many more in the pipeline.”

By Tatjana Markovic

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