AGames Pits Angels vs Demons Against One Another in New Slot

AGames Pits Angels vs Demons Against One Another in New Slot


The battle between good and evil has always existed. It is a constant fight that exists within all of us at one point or another. The question is – which side are you on? If you’re having second thoughts then test your character in the latest video slot from AGames.

What’s The Story About?

It’s called Angels and Demons and no matter what you choose, you’re in for an adventure.

Logically, everything revolves around Heaven and Hell. The graphics are done impeccably, therefore, we are absolutely sure that you’ll be able to easily dive into its story.

This slot is made up of five reels and the characters are spread across both good and evil sectors.

Heaven is showcased truly beautifully, especially the part where bright light and wonderful clouds are right above the stairway to its doors.

On the other hand, the total opposite highlights the gloomy and dark atmosphere that surrounds the gates of hell. Raging fire shows you the path down to this horrifying place.

The Features:

Let’s discuss some more cheerful facts like the symbols of this reel slot. You will bump into two kinds of wild icons.

The first one, representing an angel, can be spotted on reel one, while the other one, in the form of a demon, appears on reel five.

At the beginning of every re-spin, these wilds icons move along to the opposite side and this round will end only when there are no more wilds on the reels left.

What Else?

Another extremely attractive feature in this game is casino spins. A double wild is activated, which happens when demon and angel wilds assimilate together during the main game.

Moreover, it will also be gone as soon as additional spins are triggered! These spins are split into demon and angel ones.

When Grail, Fairy and Angel are not present during the Demon spins feature, the situation is exactly the same during the Angel bonus spins, meaning that you cannot see Skull, Imp and other malevolent characters.

An Exciting Moment:

When these two opposites meet on reel three, something exciting happens. This occurs when the totem bonus is activated and reels one and five are filled with full-sized wild icons.

Once they start getting closer, they instantly enlarge earnings and they start the way back to their positions.

Project Manager from AGames, Dmitriy Dubinin, commented:

“Angels vs Demons is one of the most alluring slot games we have ever created. We believe, players will appreciate it and embrace its magical ambience with pleasure.”

By Tatjana Markovic

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