Use Your Magical Powers in ELK Studios Slot

Use Your Magical Powers in ELK Studios Slot


Wizard-themed video slots have always been appealing, especially to those who love magical creatures. The latest one from ELK Studios will give you the opportunity to meet this enchanting fella and with his help explore the game as deeply as possible!

The World Filled With Interesting Things:

Whenever you come across some form of magician, it means that unbelievable things are about to occur.

This game is no exception. Here, your primary duty is to follow him in order to reveal an intriguing world full of mysterious artefacts, peculiar symbols, etc.

Furthermore, you will also get the chance to enhance your culinary skills by making potions and at the same time see the real nature of dragons!

What Does The Wiz Do?

If you’re wondering whether he is helpful or not – the answer is YES, however, you need to invest a lot of your effort if you want to get an opportunity to meet him.

If you succeed, you will see how generous and useful he really is! His powers are truly endless! Once he casts his spells, he can turn anything into gold, which instantly means receiving more rewards!

Look Out For… The Dragon!

In some fairytales and games, these creatures have a tendency to be the best sidekicks. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with this one. You need to be extra careful if you stumble upon him because he destroys everything he touches.

All in all, this is an amusing reel slot that comes with five reels, developed mobile-first. Fans of high-quality graphics, mechanics and top-notch sound and visual elements.

The story is going to keep you restless constantly, but don’t worry, you will calm down once you see how this wizard successfully turns nothing into everything!

One Of The Best In Sweden:

According to Technology Fast 50 (which represents a programme that showcases the fastest-growing companies in Central Europe, both public and private) this company is the 4th fastest-growing tech corporation in Sweden.

It’s worth mentioning that these reports refer to 2018. This is extremely important information because that means that ELK Studios is currently the most promising video slot supplier in Sweden!

Filip Safbeck, CEO at ELK Studios commented on this spectacular news by saying:

“This is a clear sign that what we started five years ago has through hard work and dedication shown result. We’re so proud of where we are today. This is a team effort worth celebrating.”

By Tatjana Markovic

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