Unveiling Aquatic Adventure with Push Gaming's Fish n Nudge

Unveiling Aquatic Adventure with Push Gaming's Fish n Nudge


If you've been yearning for an electrifying B2B gaming experience, Push Gaming's title, Fish ‘n’ Nudge, is the reel-deal. Merging timeless charm with the allure of innovation, this slot game is an ode to all fishing aficionados.

Reeling in the Aesthetics

As you delve into this aquatic realm, the 5x4 reels whisk you away to a fishing paradise. From meticulously designed rods, reels, to the enticing lures, every symbol echoes the serenity of a peaceful fishing day. But wait, there's a twist! Among these symbols is the wild fisherman - a game-changer. He gracefully substitutes for all base game symbols, crafting up to 20 unique winning combinations for players.

Random spins reveal a special treat: the net overlay. Appearing as a stack of four vertical symbols, this net nudges down one row with every subsequent spin. But its magic doesn't end there. As it moves, the net snares any instant cash prizes in its path, while our wild fisherman transforms, becoming an ardent collector of all matrix awards.

Players need to fish out at least three scatter symbols to unlock the world of bonus spins. And here's the catch - the more scatters you snag, the higher your starting bonus multiplier! As you venture deeper, net symbols make their prominent appearance on reels two and four. Keep an eye out, for with every spin, new nets might emerge, and the bonus multipliers amplify. The bonus spins gala lasts until all nets have been played, each spin bolstering the bonus multiplier.

Where Old Meets New

Fish ‘n’ Nudge isn't just another slot game. It's where the age-old love for fishing intertwines with the thrill of modern-day gaming. With opportunities for massive wins in both the primary and bonus spin rounds, it's no wonder that this title is set to join the ranks of Push Gaming's celebrated games like Goat Getter, Rat King, and Razor Returns.

Swim into the Fish ‘n’ Nudge world, where each spin is a chance at an ocean of rewards! Whether you're a novice angler or a seasoned gamer, this game promises waves of excitement and bounties galore. Dive in, and let the adventure begin!

Senior Game Producer at Push Gaming, Craig Turner said: “Fish ‘n’ Nudge is a versatile slot that offers players multiple ways to win in the base game, with net symbols adding a transformative element to the already exciting gameplay. The ability for the bonus spins round to spin infinitely, as long as there are nets on the reels, simultaneously increases the multiplier and provides more opportunities to win resulting in an escalation of excitement for players.”

By Ivan Stefanovic

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