Unravel the Secrets of Egyptian Underworld Slot

Unravel the Secrets of Egyptian Underworld Slot


Greentube has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the mesmerizing Egyptian Underworld online slot. This intriguing game invites players to embark on a mythical odyssey through the afterlife, accompanied by ancient spirits and gods, to help them uncover hidden riches.

Embark on an Enchanting Journey to the Afterlife

With a 5-reel, All Ways Win setup, the Egyptian Underworld slot beckons players into a mystical world beyond our own. As they traverse this ethereal realm, they'll encounter divine beings and unearth hidden treasures along the way. The innovative Sync 'N' Spin mechanic further enhances the excitement, creating a truly immersive gaming experience.

This unique feature triggers respins for all winning symbols, allowing players to form new winning combinations and reap additional payouts. The exhilarating respins will continue until no further wins are generated, adding a thrilling element to each spin.

Unleash the Power of Multiplier Icons

Multiplier icons sit atop each reel, filling up as players land wins with corresponding symbols. When a multiplier icon is completely illuminated, it bestows 10 extra spins upon the player, with the corresponding multiplier applied to all wins during these bonus rounds.

Soar to Victory with Golden Eagle Symbols

As players enjoy their extra spins, they may encounter the elusive golden eagle symbols. These majestic icons contribute to an ever-growing multiplier ladder, resulting in increasingly valuable rewards. To sweeten the deal, completed multiplier icons grant an additional five extra spins, prolonging the excitement and providing more opportunities to discover the riches of the Egyptian Underworld.

The Egyptian Underworld slot by Greentube offers a captivating and innovative gaming experience, transporting players to a mystical realm filled with ancient spirits, gods, and hidden treasures. Featuring the groundbreaking Sync 'N' Spin mechanic, along with multiplier icons and golden eagle symbols, this game promises a wealth of opportunities for players to unlock bountiful rewards. Embrace this underworld adventure and delve into the enigmatic world of the Egyptian Underworld.

CFO/CGO at Greentube, Michael Bauer commented: “Greentube has become synonymous with unforgettable Egyptian-themed games and we are absolutely thrilled to have developed yet another exciting addition to that roster. In addition to delivering another first-class slot, we are also extremely excited to debut our Sync ‘N’ Spin™ mechanic that we hope will capture the imaginations of players around the world.”


By Ivan Stefanovic

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