Something completely unexpected from Microgaming

Something completely unexpected from Microgaming


Microgaming is not exactly known from taking huge risks with their game designs, yet their latest slot , Poke the Guy, is something that seems to break every fold a slot has been ever put through. It is a nostalgic slot, but the nostalgia this time around doesn’t mean the usual here. Instead, the style is something of a throwback to the 90s, with wacky gameplay and strange animations.

The gameplay has pretty much nothing to do with a traditional slot, except for the random wins. There are no reels and paylines. You simply choose a weapon and hurl it at the guy! If you manage to hit you will score a win. Microgaming has gone all nuts with the concept of fun and somehow managed to come up with this crazy slot. If it is something else you are looking for this is it. Sit down, throw some knives at that guy and relax as the wins come pouring in!

The prizes you can claim are completely random and start from double your bet. From there on they climb steadily all the way to 500 times the bet. All random, as it always is. The obvious downside of this game is that the strangeness of it all quickly wears out. This time around that’s not a bad thing, instead, the game does what it offers: a quick fun way to enjoy a bit of gaming, without worrying about anything else. This slot is especially aimed at those looking to gamble away just a few minutes. Go for it!

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