New Online Slot Sequel Diamond Mine 2 Megaways

New Online Slot Sequel Diamond Mine 2 Megaways


Delving deep into the dazzling world of precious stones and metals, Blueprint Gaming reinvigorates the player's experience with Diamond Mine 2 Megaways, a worthy successor to its iconic original, Diamond Mine. It's a chaotic adventure supercharged with the Megaways mechanic, providing a fresh and explosive twist to this beloved classic.

The original Diamond Mine game has not just remained a firm favorite amongst players, but it's also inspired its own meme, marking its unique place in the hearts of slot enthusiasts. This testament to the original's enduring popularity raises the bar for its sequel, making Diamond Mine 2 Megaways one of the most anticipated games in the slot universe.

Explosive Features

Equipped with a plethora of explosive features and rewarding extra spin rounds, Diamond Mine 2 Megaways lives up to the hype. The game presents a goldmine of opportunities to the player, ready to reward the most persistent of prospectors.

The 'Increasing Multiplier' extra spins round stands out among the features. It's a thrilling feature with an unlimited multiplier that ticks upwards with every win, significantly boosting the player's potential rewards. But the excitement doesn't stop there.

The 'Minimum Multiplier' feature introduces another layer of thrill. It provides unlimited extra spins until a minimum multiplier is reached, creating an exhilarating game atmosphere filled with anticipation. Not only this, but players can gamble their extra spins reward, paving the way for even more winning chances. This feature amplifies the thrill, making every spin a potential goldmine.

Amidst all the action, the TNT Mystery Barrel emerges as a game-changer. This element can reveal any other symbol, providing a different dimension to the gaming experience. It adds an element of mystery and surprise, offering more ways to discover hidden diamonds.

The formidable Megaways mechanic is, of course, at the heart of the game. It offers an incredible 117,649 paylines, promising a thrilling gaming experience. This feature ensures that every spin can result in a plethora of different outcomes, keeping the excitement high and the gameplay unpredictable.

Director of Key Accounts and Marketing UK at Blueprint Gaming, Jo Purvis said: “Diamond Mine holds a special place in our hearts at Blueprint as it clearly does with our loyal players too so it’s fantastic to revisit it. It’s a game rich with opportunity and gives players plenty of options to seek their fun and fortune with the two separate extra spins rounds and all the volatility and  mysteries of  Megaways – it’s a blast!”

By Ivan Stefanovic

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