New Online Slot Destination Atlantis by Realistic Games

New Online Slot Destination Atlantis by Realistic Games


Have you ever dreamt of exploring the enigmatic lost city of Atlantis, shrouded in myth and whispers of untold riches? Well, buckle up your seatbelt and put on your diving gear! Realistic Games invites you on a sensational underwater journey in their latest slot game, Destination Atlantis.

Don't expect just cherries and sevens here. The six-reel game screen is adorned with thematic symbols that could belong in a high-seas adventure film—think diving helmets, intrepid scientists, and fearless explorers. But these are not mere eye candy. Line them up in any of the 3,969 possible winning combos, and you'll swim in rewards.

Tailored Gameplay with Ante Bets

Do you feel like a high roller or just testing the waters? Destination Atlantis offers ante bets to suit every playing style. Opt for one to unlock wild multipliers in the base game, or choose the other to boost your chances of catching elusive scatter symbols.

If you manage to snag at least three scatter symbols, brace yourself for a plunge into the abyss of bonuses. The more scatters you have, the more spins you get—up to an astonishing 50 spins, plus one portal spin to sweeten the pot.

As if the regular game wasn't thrilling enough, the bonus round expands the playfield to a jaw-dropping 21,609 pay lines. Here, every wild multiplier reel you land becomes a guaranteed multiplier during the climactic portal spin, amplifying your wins exponentially.

Beyond the spins and wins, what sets Destination Atlantis apart is how it resonates with the player's own betting style. The ante bets and buildable mechanics in the extra spins round construct a crescendo of suspense and massive win potential unlike anything you've experienced.

Legacy of Blockbusters

Of course, this isn't Realistic Games' first rodeo. If you've had the chance to revel in other hits like Shinobi Moon, Catch 22, and Chilli Master, you know they're all about delivering a top-notch gaming experience. Destination Atlantis is more than just another slot game; it's a submerged world full of potential winnings and adventures waiting to be discovered. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in!

Account Manager at Realistic Games, Amy Brewis, said:Destination Atlantis exemplifies our ambition of creating innovative transformative experiences for players. In the base game, players are encouraged to engage with the slot in a variety of ways utilising the different ante bets on offer to boost replayability.

By Ivan Stefanovic

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