Kalamba Games Heads into Future with Latest Slot

Kalamba Games Heads into Future with Latest Slot


You can often hear people saying how machines (if they already haven’t) will one day take over our world, so there isn’t a better way to prepare ourselves for that moment than to simply play a game that is dedicated precisely to them!

A Magnificent Machine:

This game, with its superb design perfectly captures its supremacy and power. Everything looks very realistic and you will get a feeling like you are trapped inside of a sci-fi movie!

In the beginning, we forgot to mention that this video slot was designed by the talented and creative team from Kalamba Games.

Inviting Features:

The team behind this popular games studio knows how to satisfy the needs of their loyal users, therefore, they filled this fun slot with the most entertaining in-game features.

It doesn’t matter whether you are more or less experienced, you will quickly find a way to enjoy them!

Furthermore, it this game is volatile at its core and it will provide you with various twist and turns that will make your head spin!

Sit Down Before…

We give you another sensational fact… Namely, here you have up to 46656 ways in a 6-reel format where you will come across multi-dimensional wilds and other useful characters.

Besides these things, you will also bump into three levels of bonus jackpots! It is mostly intended for ambitious high rollers due to maximum payout that you can eventually get.

And last but not least, fierce scatter icons activate casino spins then create powerful cyborgs, while at the same time, picking circuit boards for more spectacular extra spins retriggers!

Joker Supreme:

For those of you who didn’t notice another great game by Kalamba, approximately one month ago, they released Joker Supreme, an extremely dynamic video slot.

Highly-creative team designed a slot that contains mesmerizing graphics and animations that will almost instantly catch your eye.

Casino spins, multipliers, bonus jackpots and hyper bonus are all at your disposal! All of them also come with a certain twist that is going to make this game even more interesting.

We mustn’t forget to mention quick deposit support that can be seen inside the game, that is a very important feature highly-appreciated by both players and operators.

When we say in-game features, we think of: Hyper Bet, Casino Spins, Bonus Spins accumulator, Hyper Bonus, Bonus Jackpot and the above-mentioned Quick Deposit support. Each of them is definitely worth trying!

By Tatjana Markovic

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