Enter a World of Robots in Roboland Slot from Spinmatic

Enter a World of Robots in Roboland Slot from Spinmatic


We have heard so many times that robots will one day take over the world. Are we finally witnessing that moment or is it just in our imagination?

Don’t worry; that day is far away, however, if you decide to check out the latest slot from Spinmatic, you just might catch a glimpse of the future.

Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid!

Fortunately, you’ll be entering a virtual world, therefore, there’s no room for panicking, but that doesn’t mean that you should be careless.

Who do we encounter? This game features a vicious scientist that is eager to rule the world and he is cooking up his evil plan in the depths of his laboratory.

Spinmatic wanted to spice things up by adding an army of robots (which represent his creation) that are going to help him accomplish this goal. Since he has been doing this for many, many years, you can imagine how prepared all of them are!

Is There Any Way Out?

Yes, there is! It’s worth mentioning that this solution will not only help players get rid of these malevolent creatures, but they will also have the opportunity to grab some outstanding prizes!

Who will be by their side? Surprisingly, these robots are equipped with minds and souls of their own.

At first, they were designed to be part of this angry army, however, they were banished, due to the fact that they were being too soft and kind for world domination. Furthermore, the scientist thinks that they are waiting for their end (meaning recycling), but luckily, they are planning on doing something very smart – ESCAPING!


Once they figure out how, they will do another extremely beneficial thing – wipe out this awful laboratory so that no other fellow robot ever experiences something as cruel as this. If you’re on their side and want to return the favor, you can always help them achieve their goal!

We’ve given you a lot of details about this title and now it is time to go back to its specifics. Namely, this slot comes with a magnificent theme that has been amazingly executed.

What we especially like about its appearance is how the laboratory has been designed, along with robots and their creator.

Each of these segments perfectly highlights the atmosphere and they will make you feel like this crazy scientist is literally in the same room with you.

Furthermore, the game comes with five reels, fifteen fixed win lines and three rows. Besides them, you will come across a wild with a multiplier, along with casino spin features that are going to further upgrade your overall experience.

By Tatjana Markovic

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