ELK Studios To Make A Big Star Out Of You In Newest Slot Machine

ELK Studios To Make A Big Star Out Of You In Newest Slot Machine


Whoever came up with the title for this slot machine was obviously very inspired by fame and eager to earn a lot of money and who could blame them? Most of us are dreaming of becoming wealthy and famous and precisely this video slot powered by ELK my stimulate you to do something about it!

What’s The Catch?

Actually, there isn’t any. This game was inspired by some popular, old shows where viewers have the opportunity to meet an entertaining host along with an always cheerful audience and ambitious contestants.

ELK Studios wanted to create an exciting adventure for anyone who decides to play this game. All they’ve got to do in order to have the time of their lives is to push the spin button and put the reels in motion!

Prizes Waiting To Be Found:

Players must be aware of what they are getting themselves into, hence, they truly must wish BIG in order to win it. All of them who successfully enter the highest bonus level can look forward to receiving sensational prizes!

Each spin of the button doesn’t only provide gamers with a thrilling reel spin but it also gives them the possibility to activate more spectacular reel features that could potentially maximize their winnings!

Going Back To Basics:

This video slot is equipped with five reels, three rows and five pay lines. It does look like those vintage, retro slot machines but it also has a touch of something modern and trendy and that can especially be noticed by looking at its features, special effects and other aspects of this outstanding game. So, what are you waiting for?

ICE London 2019:

Even though it’s been couple of months, we wanted to remind you guys of their presence during one of the most important events in the gaming industry – ICE London. As always, it was crowded with some of the biggest names in the industry and logically, ELK studios was one of the attendees.

They have exhibited one of their newest reel slots – Ecuador Gold that stands for an action-packed adventure where the main goal is to hunt as many treasures and gold as possible.

Furthermore, the story is set in a mystical temple in the depths of the Ecuadorian jungles and it does look very intriguing and mysterious. All in all, people were thrilled with both this game and their vast portfolio of reel slots.

By Tatjana Markovic

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