Discover Oceanic Riches in Blueprint Gaming's Rise of Atlantis II

Discover Oceanic Riches in Blueprint Gaming's Rise of Atlantis II


After the monumental success of its predecessor, Blueprint Gaming invites you to plunge into the celestial waters once more. Get ready to be entangled in the aquatic enchantments of Atlantis as you explore Rise of Atlantis II. The sequel not only lives up to its reputation but propels you into a realm of untold mystique and treasures waiting to be discovered.

The original game's marine allure seamlessly transitions into this next iteration, but there's a twist! Rise of Atlantis II introduces the game-changing feature—Rising Reels. It's not just a name; it's an experience. After each victorious spin, the reel board elevates by one row. This isn't merely cosmetic; it amplifies your odds of winning, turning every spin into an edge-of-your-seat affair.

The gameplay gets a magical boost through its bonus spins feature. The moment you land four or more bonus symbols on your screen, you're in for a treat—12 bonus spins that pack a punch. Each spin becomes a crescendo, a chance to unlock rewards you never thought possible.

The Pivotal Rising Multiplier & Max Multiplier:

Enter the bonus round, and you're introduced to the Rising Multiplier—a multiplier that can jack up your winnings like never before. Coupled with the Rising Reels, it turns every spin into an unfolding narrative of opportunities. The new Max Multiplier feature skyrockets your potential returns up to a jaw-dropping 1000x, a colossal leap from its predecessor's 500x. This feature turns every spin into an adrenaline-pumping event, injecting thrill into every cascade.

The allure of Rise of Atlantis II isn't just in its thrilling gameplay; it's also in its visual aesthetics. The game backdrop is a masterstroke, weaving hues of royal blues and rich purples to create an ethereal underwater world. As you spin the reels, ancient symbols and oceanic creatures come alive, making you a part of Atlantis's lost civilization.

Journey You Won't Forget:

The new title takes you beyond conventional slot gaming, wrapping you in a narrative of oceanic quests and legendary treasures. Don't miss out on a chance to elevate your winnings and immerse yourself in a universe filled with aquatic wonder. Immerse, spin, and rise to new gaming heights!

UK Marketing Director for Blueprint Gaming, Jo Purvis, said: “This launch is a strong addition to our diverse portfolio of slots and complements it superbly. Amid celebratory tones and bubbling currents, this game sets a new standard for sensory delight. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure where the ocean’s treasures come alive.”

By Ivan Stefanovic

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