Check Out Slot Grand Melee from Thunderkick

Check Out Slot Grand Melee from Thunderkick


Do you yearn for gallant knights, riveting gameplay, and eye-popping visuals? Thunderkick offers you the golden ticket to a medieval-themed escapade. Welcome to Grand Melee—a digital realm where valor meets fortune in a whirlwind of action.

Unlike any other, the title’s 6x4 slot grid is a feast for the senses. You’re not merely a spectator; you're the star of the show! As you spin, a vividly animated carnival tent lifts its curtains, unveiling a treasure trove of unique features guaranteed to spike your adrenaline.

Knights and Symbols Aplenty:

Upon the reels, you'll meet a charming company of knights who jostle for space with traditional slot icons. Achieving a row of three or more matching symbols will bestow upon you bounteous winnings, making every spin an opportunity to conquer and claim!

But wait, there’s more! At any moment, the Sticky Respin feature can spring to life. This enigmatic feature picks a random symbol and flaunts it above your game grid. Secure five or more of these on the board, and they freeze in their spots, lingering until no more of the same symbols grace your game area.

Growing Your Battle Arena:

Look out for the transformative Game Area Expansion symbol. It mutates into your current sticky symbol and appends an additional row at the bottom of your screen. With up to seven rows, this mechanic gives you more real estate for potential wins, broadening your path to glory.

A Symbol Upgrade can also activate alongside a Sticky Respin, elevating your chosen symbol to a more valuable counterpart. But that’s not all! Expansion features can span your locked symbols over an entire reel, amplifying your likelihood of monumental winnings.

Unlock the Treasure Trove of Bonus Spins:

If fortune favors you with five or more Bonus symbols, a Bonus Spins round kicks in. A Bonus meter emerges at the game screen’s bottom, running until no new Bonus symbols pop up, while any sticky symbols stay put for the round's tenure.

Grand Melee is yet another jewel in Thunderkick’s crown, joining recent marvels like Sword of Shoguns and Jiggly Cash. It underscores the company’s commitment to delivering outstanding and inventive gaming experiences.

Product Owner at Thunderkick, Mike Collins said: “We’re thrilled to be debuting Grand Melee, our incredible new slot with plenty of ways for players to take home a grand prize! In Grand Melee, players can look forward to experiencing even greater variation and excitement with the beloved Sticky Respins feature.”

By Ivan Stefanovic

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