Check Out A Stellar Space Adventure with Over the Moon Megaways

Check Out A Stellar Space Adventure with Over the Moon Megaways


Big Time Gaming (BTG), a renowned game developer, invited players on a breathtaking journey across the universe with their sensational April release, Over the Moon Megaways. This cosmic expedition first debuted exclusively on the Evolution platform on April 19, before extending its reach network-wide just a week later. With its immersive visuals and captivating narrative, Over the Moon Megaways enticed gamers to traverse the depths of space, encountering a multitude of celestial wonders along the way. This interstellar adventure offered not only an exhilarating gaming experience but also the thrill of exploring the vast cosmos, igniting the imagination and fueling the desire for discovery. As players soared through the stars, they were transported into a realm of cosmic excitement and boundless opportunities, creating an unforgettable gaming experience that truly set Over the Moon Megaways apart from its competition.

Mining Meteors: A Wealth of Space Metals

Players embarked on a mission to mine meteors in the vastness of space, searching for valuable extraterrestrial metals to unlock meteoric wins. However, keeping an eye on the fuel gauge was crucial to avoid getting stranded in the great unknown.

BTG's innovative Megaways mechanic has transformed the world of online gaming. In Over the Moon Megaways, the number of paylines fluctuates with each spin, reaching an impressive 117,649 potential ways to win.

Rockets and Meteor Prizes

Rockets revealed the value of floating meteor prizes, leading to epic wins up to 100 times the player's stake. Landing three golden star scatters triggered a bonus round with twelve extra spins, plus two additional spins for each extra scatter.

Discovering a purple mega scatter propelled players to the enhanced extra spins round, where even greater rewards awaited.

The unlimited rocket multiplier, which increased with each arriving rocket, sent winnings soaring. By landing a battery symbol, players refueled their rockets to keep the multiplier and wins accumulating.

Maximize Your Chances

The Win Exchange feature allowed players to trade their winnings for twelve extra spins, while the Bonus Buy option offered twelve extra spins for 70 times the stake or twelve enhanced extra spins for a 140 times stake.

With its engaging gameplay, thrilling features, and captivating theme, Over the Moon Megaways offered an out-of-this-world gaming experience that left players starstruck.

Chief Executive Officer for BTG, Nik Robinson said: “Players will love Over the Moon Megaways with its meteor prizes, mega scatters and crazy rocket multipliers, all set in a cartoonish sci-fi world. “There’s no shortage of action here and so much to explore. This is a game that is not only fun but has huge win potential, too!”



By Ivan Stefanovic

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