The Best Online Casino Games to Turn a Profit

The Best Online Casino Games to Turn a Profit

Entertainment comes in many shapes and forms, and casino and other gambling establishments are one of its most popular variants. People have been known to flock to major gambling hubs, starting from the good old Vegas, through Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and other locations, to the most recent gambling centers the likes of Macau, China.

Playing games of risk and chance have been part of human nature for as long as their civilizations have existed. There is more than one reason behind its stronghold and appeal to people, but it all mostly comes down to the fun, the thrill, and the cash.

For the longest time now, gambling has been considered as a sustainable source of income, especially when it comes to professional gamblers playing specific games to make a living. Moreover, once official gambling organizations and associations started launching tournaments, events, competitions and internationally recognized awards, the industry became all the more lucrative; for the organizers, at least.

How to Turn a Profit at a Casino?

This got players to thinking – if playing these games brings them so much joy and satisfaction, why shouldn’t it bring them some profit as well. They started developing all kinds of betting systems, schemes and mathematical calculations to turn the odds in their favor.

With the rise of online gambling, it became all the easier to test their theories, develop strategies and share experiences. After giving it much thought, experienced players and casino game enthusiasts have ultimately devised a list of game options with the best odds to make a profit out of it. Be sure to check out the list – with some of the most popular casino games online, even the pickiest of players are bound to find a game to their liking.


BlackjackJust like any other casino game out there, blackjack ultimately comes down to luck and chance, but there is a bit more room for skills as well. The blackjack tables are usually among the most crowded on the casino floor, which speaks to its popularity even if some of you are more into poker or roulette.

Even if you like the game, but aren’t too happy about the ‘crowded’ part, you can always turn to online casinos.

A key guideline in this regard – always go for the live dealer blackjack tables.

For one, they offer players a chance to experience the real life gameplay, especially with those titles that are live streamed from actual casino floors. What is more, this is made available from the comfort of your own home, straight through your laptop screen, or even on mobile devices anywhere on the go. Giving you a chance to pick a title with the best rules for your gameplay, all the while saving you the trouble of a crowded table is quite enough to get you ahead.

Yet, the greatest benefit of all are the numerous strategies, betting systems and the entire concept of card counting that can turn your regular 21 games into a sure source of income. Make sure to learn and practice your chosen strategies beforehand, and choose the suitable one based on other considerations such as card decks at play, odds, payouts and table rules.


RouletteDespite common beliefs, roulette is one of the few casino games that can keep you winning for long periods of time if you play your bets out just right. The roulette wheel is often associated with completely random outcomes, stokes of sheer luck, or alternately, biases. After all, back in the days when gambling regulations were still underway, biased roulette wheels filled the cash registers of saloons, gambling houses, clubs and pubs.

While their shady past follows them, casino operators nowadays are going to great lengths to prove that their roulette tables are completely fair and random. Online casinos make this information available straight from their homepage, listing out their licenses, security and fairness certificates in order to give their players peace of mind.

The best part about roulette is that you can choose wherever you want to enjoy the gameplay – from the nearest brick-and-mortar casino, through the online platform, all the way to the latest live dealer sections streaming the gameplay for unique player experience.

Make sure to check the type of roulette though, since American is known to have one more slot on the wheel than the European type, making it much less likely for players to win.

Betting strategies are largely useful for this casino game, but so are the actual types of bets you can make. With some of the best odds on the casino floor for bets such as odd/even and red/black, patient players are bound to enjoy some prolific gameplay.


BaccaratThe thing with this casino game that has had some shunning it is its reputation of a ‘high-rollers’ game’. In fact, baccarat can be played with all bet sizes allowed by the casino operator, and the best part is that most bets offer just slightly south of 100% of your wager amount.

One crucial feature which earned baccarat its place on this list is its simplicity – there are practically no complex game rules or specific strategies you need to trouble your gameplay. Just pick one of the three bet options – Player, Banker or Tie – and hope for the best. As risky as it sounds, the fact that players aren’t bothered by complex calculations during gameplay significantly improves players’ chances of winning and enjoying themselves, even with a few bad bets.


PokerPoker is, without doubt, the most promoted casino game on the big screen. Movies draw endless inspiration from this casino title and have been known to influence the audiences’ perception of the gameplay on the whole.

Since you aren’t counting the cards, poker too allows players to choose between live casino floor action and software solutions when choosing their preferred table. Nevertheless, make sure you are aware of the specific table rules, as some tend to differ from the standard poker gameplay in order to add some variety to the action.

One thing the movies did get right about this casino game is the amount of bluffing that goes into a single move, and the skill set necessary to do it. Before trying your luck at these tables, make sure you brush up on the rules of gameplay and analyze any tell-tale moves you might have. More often than not, people’s reactions are involuntary and hard to note by themselves, so you might want to note any actions that could affect your bluffing posture.

Video Poker

Video PokerAs surprised as some may be to see video poker on this list, it is one of the top games to get started with your profit-making casino action. The game offers excellent odds and payouts, much like blackjack’s primary appeal, only video poker is that much easier to play.

These are practically gambling machines that look a lot like slots; yet, these offer better mechanics, simple gameplay and great payouts. This means players are most likely to hit a win thanks to the high RTP percentages they pack, and that without even learning intricate rules of play. Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better are a top starting point and could boost your bankroll enough to earn a buy-in to some expensive poker tournament, in real life or online.

By Shelly Schiff

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