Zynga Expands Game of Thrones Slots Casino with a New Feature

Zynga Expands Game of Thrones Slots Casino with a New Feature


Zynga Inc. has just dropped a brand-new feature for its critically acclaimed Game of Thrones Slots Casino.

The new feature adds…

…more content for high-level players and is bringing a whole new dimension of entertainment to what is already a very popular gaming experience.

The New Adventures in Westeros:

The prominent software provider from San Francisco, has added another awesome feature to its Game of Thrones franchise slot game.

The new feature is called Dragons of Westeros and it adds…

…more content to the already awesome package that is Game of Thrones Slots Casino. This massive slot game experience goes much further than the usual one-armed bandit.

The team has created a whole cinematic experience complete with cut scenes, an immersive narrative, and of course, a bunch of slots players can play.

There’s also a leveling system with all kinds of rewards and jackpots, that brings linear…

…progression to the game. Players who reach Level 20 or above will now have more content to experience thanks to the newly released feature. More specifically, once they hit level 20, players will get a dragon egg.

The egg will incubate and ultimately spawn a baby dragon that players can name, feed, and raise as their own. Over time, it will turn into a powerful being that will bring all kinds of prizes.

Highly Impressive:

Zynga has also prepared a number of daily grants while participating in quests now earns Dragon Actions. Players can use these tokens to have the dragon hatch faster. The team behind the brand has put together a whole new mechanic for this feature alone, and it is promising to be the most impressive one so far.

Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga, shared his comment on the new feature: “The visual, dramatic and devastating impact of dragons to the world of Westeros was one of the most exciting, talked about, and beloved aspects of the series. With the introduction of dragons, players will now be able to experience the strength, loyalty, and fire of these legendary beasts, and we’re proud to continue to bring iconic touchpoints of the series to our players.”

About the Provider:

Zynga Inc. is a major provider of cinematic slot games and other social gaming content in the iGaming industry. The company offers an extensive portfolio of social games that are played in social online casinos all over the world.

With a highly talented team at its helm, it continues to explore original approaches to social gaming, adding interesting features and innovative mechanics. Players familiar with this company understand just how intricate some of their games can be.

The brand is dedicated to maintaining its level of quality across the board and is following a strict release schedule.

By Dusan

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