Wizard Slots Showers Female Players with Amazing Games

Wizard Slots Showers Female Players with Amazing Games


With International Women’s Day having been this past week, it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the existence of women. We are supposed to be doing it every single day but if that’s not the case, then choosing this day is an acceptable solution.

Fast-growing i-gaming platform, Wizard Slots, is no stranger to chivalry, therefore, they decided to put a smile on the faces of their female users and release some of the best online slots on their website.

Giving Their Support To Women:

They are widely known for being very kind and welcoming, that’s why this didn’t come as a surprise. By doing this, they wanted to celebrate all women across the globe and of course this special holiday.

CEO of Fortuna, Scott Manford commented:

“We’re thrilled about the way Wizard Slots has grown over the past two years and developed into the impressive online slots platform it is today.

One of the biggest parts of our day-to-day is looking after our players and ensuring they’ve always got a safe environment to play the latest games as well as being a platform that promotes inclusivity as well as responsible gambling.

We wanted to coordinate a massive push of new games going live on the site in celebration of the day as a focal point in the movement for equal rights. The majority of our players are actually female, so it’s important to us that we do something to mark the day. Thus, the idea behind publishing more new games stems from the response to women requesting more female-friendly titles.”

The Arrival Of Legendary Titles:

Some of the most popular games are about to be added to their offering, such as Mayan Gods, Gem Machine, Gemtastic and many others.

With the arrival of these titles, players can also look forward to seeing some other sensational things like special promotions, great offers and enhanced chances of receiving great prizes.

Besides these innovations and additions, they are looking to create a more diverse setting in-house. They will not be able to do this without an expert called Rachel Flowdy who has recently joined Fortuna Gaming.

She is quite experienced which is going to help them grow and progress in many ways. Furthermore, Miss. Flowdy has picked the most suitable moment to arrive.

What Happens Next?

8th of March is a good introduction for what they are about to incorporate but people want to know what to expect after that day...

CEO Manford commented:

“As always with our site, we will continue to provide the best slot games in the business, featuring the easiest gameplay, smoothest depositing systems, as well as a host of branded titles.

Our core aim of the site has and will forever remain the same: ensuring that our players have the most enjoyable experience within the i-gaming world.”

By Tatjana Markovic

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