Sports Betting set to become legal

Sports Betting set to become legal


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Gambling on football, baseball, basketball and many other sports was once deemed an illegal act in the US however, the supreme court struck down this federal law in May, which will legalise sports betting across the US… In a victorious ruling of 6 to 3, it meant that at least 32 different states would be able to offer sports betting, by 2023.

The court ruling was brought about, due to a case from New Jersey which has been seeking to legalise gambling on sports for years. This case also wanted to legalise gambling on sports to be at online casinos and at the racetracks in Jew Jersey.

Many states have been voicing their support for NJ, in the hope of a ground-breaking ruling, the one that nobody thought would ever come, but it did in May 2018.

US players can widely access online portals, but due to the ‘hit and miss’ culture of licensing: the number of casinos available has always been limited. But this is set to change.

Brief History:

In 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, barred state-authorized sports betting, with a minor exception… Nevada would be the only state permitted to accept wagers on sports betting.

More than a dozen states have argued that Congress exceeded its authority when the original 1992 act was imposed…

but despite Congress being permitted to pass laws barring sports betting, Congress cannot expect individual states to impose sports gambling laws. Because of this, the supreme court ruled in favour of allowing sports betting, which will be welcome news to: states, consumers and sports stakeholders.

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