RTG Asia to Express Creativity with Two New Slots

RTG Asia to Express Creativity with Two New Slots


It may seem odd that we write about two slots at the same time, but since we haven’t discussed them just yet, we thought it would be the perfect time to announce both of them in the same article, especially since they are both developed by a single brand.

RTG Asia is widely known for its creativity and ingenuity and its video slots are great examples of this. Now, let’s talk about the latest ones…

Meet an Adorable Pig:

Who doesn’t love piglets with their large ears, cute noses and sweet eyes? If you share the passion for this animal as much as we do, then we are sure you are going to love it!

Many people think that it’s not the brightest animal in the Chinese Zodiac and that might be true, however, they will surely bring you lots of luck if you use it smartly!

It takes last place in the Jade Emperors zodiac but no one minds its sluggishness. They are true hedonists who love to fully enjoy their lives and players will be able to experience it too in this reel slot called, Pig Winner.

It offers up to 243 ways with up to 200x the total bet. It comes with five reels as well as medium volatility.

This resourceful pig can help you multiply your earnings during normal play. Eight bonus games can be activated by at least three yin yang scatter symbols and each piggy triples the pay after the eight free games.

The Weirdest Game Ever:

Okay, the title may be a little bit misleading. It’s not the weirdest game ever, but it surely is very unusual.

If you love to experiment with different slot games, then this one will definitely suit your mood. It is equipped with peculiar symbols and other elements that don’t come across very often.

Furthermore, it’s called, Cubee, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen! Its overall theme is time traveling. The main character is called Cubee too and it travels through time, consuming various energy balls. Fight against Rocco in order to enter the next Age.

Prepare For An Adventure:

Each spin of this high volatility game drags eight floating icons from the time vortex which builds Cubee’s energy level, putting him from the Stone Age to the Viking Age where grabbing arrows and bows can only reward you with more casino spins.

Furthermore, you will then witness either Age or Piracy during which cannons will become multipliers.

Your goal is to bring our buddy to his homeland. If you do that, you will receive more multipliers and slot spins!

By Tatjana Markovic

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