Evoplay Entertainment Takes Adventure Slots to New Heights with Legend of Kaan

Evoplay Entertainment Takes Adventure Slots to New Heights with Legend of Kaan


Evoplay Entertainment is about to drop a brand new game titled Legend of Kaan. This software provider known for their attention to detail has once again…

…delivered an immersive adventure that offers much more than just potentially lucrative wins. It’s an entertaining release on a higher level.

When Standard Slots Just Don’t Cut It:

The developer’s latest game to be launched at the ICE London 2020 represents something completely different. At least different enough compared to most other titles on the market…

…at the moment. The game packs an unorthodox design in more ways than one. Aesthetically speaking, it offers a different scene. The team behind this release went for a top-down view of a temple complex, sitting in the middle of a jungle. The whole scene is rather immersive as everything is animated with care. Every tree moves in a different way, thus giving off a realistic vibe. Overall, the design of this slot…

…transcends what is expected of these games. It takes the whole genre a step further. Symbols are one area where most slot developers pay a lot of attention to in terms of aesthetics. Evoplay did the contrary. Due to the unusual base game design, this game uses simple color-coded symbols that are easy track but offer little to no aesthetic value to the game.

A Different Kind of Game:

What sets this game apart is its base game. This is a single reel slot. That piece of information is enough to confuse most slot aficionados, even those who prefer the more unusual games. Here’s the catch – that one reel is spiral and can contain up to…

91 symbols. Furthermore, every winning spin unlocks more symbols, thus making the game even more entertaining. In lieu of paylines, players will achieve winning combos by lining up four of the same symbols either vertically or horizontally.

Another interesting piece of information is that there are no special features aside from the extending symbol pieces.

Roman Sadovskyi, Evoplay Product Owner said: “Perfect for players with a taste for adventure, Legend of Kaan combines stunning visuals with immersive symbols to create an authentic Aztec experience. Jam-packed with free spins, inviting characters such as the Great Kaan and a unique spiraling reel, this is a title sure to keep customers coming back for more.”

About the Brand:

Evoplay is an innovative software provider that takes great pride in delivering unusual and innovative games. The company was founded with the goal of introducing the VR technology to the slot market as a long term goal, while their main short term effort is mostly focused around packing heavy 3D technology into slots while avoiding all of the issues usually associated with 3D.

By Dusan

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