Evoplay Entertainment Brings the End of Winter Ahead of Time with Season Sisters

Evoplay Entertainment Brings the End of Winter Ahead of Time with Season Sisters


Evoplay Entertainment, an up and coming software provider, has announced the release of Season Sisters – their latest slot game that brings on the end of winter a bit ahead of time.

The game features immersive graphics the supplier is known for delivering, as well as a variety of great features.

Sisterly Rivalry:

The latest release is all about that sisterly rivalry. However, these are no ordinary sisters we’re talking about. Meet Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring as they clash in a never-ending struggle…

…for domination. Each with awesome magical powers, the four sisters are capable of completely changing someone’s day for the better. From an aesthetic point of view, this slot is a real treat. Despite being…

…a fairly young company, it has already built a reputation for delivering impressive graphics solutions. This game is all the proof necessary to support that claim. With a completely animated, 3D scenery, Season Sisters offers a very immersive experience. The action takes place in an…

…enchanted forest overlooking a castle in the distance. Surrounded by animated trees, butterflies and moving clouds, the reels simply come to life.

Symbol design is on a whole different level with unique lower tier icons and highly detailed higher tier ones. All of the symbols are divided between the four seasons.

Innovative Features:

One of the best things about the title is the carefully crafted special features. The team behind this release took the standard 5x3 reel grid that runs on 20 paylines, and elevated it to a whole new level. Namely, each…

…season has its own wild symbols. Depending on which three symbols players get, they will access season-specific bonuses. There are also four Bonus Symbols representing each of the four sisters. Needless to say, each of them brings a unique bonus. Lastly, there are also season-specific bonus spin modes available. Overall, the game is packed with exciting features that can really make someone’s day.

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay, has offered his comment on the release: “The four seasons may usually be all about Vivaldi’s classic, but we’re here to offer a new spin. Enchantingly seductive, Season Sisters comes crammed with of our latest gaming magic. The first of our 2020 catalogue, we have no doubt this year will be our best yet, with a full range of adventures, challenges and immersive storytelling in store for our fans. Here’s to another magical 12 months!”

About the Brand:

Evoplay is a software studio founded in 2018 with the mission of bringing high-end 3D and VR technologies to the slot game niche. So far the company has…

…published several games that perfectly match this description. Aside from offering innovative graphics, it is also praised for ensuring that its graphics-heavy games run smooth mobile platforms.

By Dusan

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