Ancient Egypt Comes to Life with 4 Secret Pyramids

Ancient Egypt Comes to Life with 4 Secret Pyramids


The ancient Egyptians were fascinating people, renowned for their grandiose monuments and intriguing beliefs about the afterlife. 4ThePlayer's latest slot game, 4 Secret Pyramids, takes players on an amazing adventure tour where to see the most iconic buildings from this ancient civilization. Featuring a diverse mix of bonus features and the potential to win big, the title is sure to provide hours of entertainment. During the game, players will have the opportunity to explore different pyramids, each with its own unique secrets to uncover!

Betting Options and Bonus Features:

The Egyptian-inspired title has a total of 5 reels and 4 rows, and features 1024 active paylines. This means that there are plenty of ways to win, and this title has an RTP of 95% and high volatility. The maximum win is an incredible 55000x your bet, so if you're looking for a truly life-changing win, this is the game for you. As for the betting range, punters can bet between $0.2 and $22.50. The list of bonus features includes wilds, a bonus up feature, extra spins, and scatters.

CEO of 4ThePlayer, Andrew Porter, commented: “BONUS UP proved to be a popular feature in 3 Secret Cities, in 4 Secret Pyramids we wanted to ramp up the excitement with extra player choice, the player can make decisions along their journey depending on their own volatility appetite – will they choose more free spins or an increased multiple, the choice is theirs!”

Brand Background:

4ThePlayer is one of the newer casino providers on the scene, but has quickly made a name for itself in the industry. Established in 2018, it managed to establish a strong presence in the market and expand their business significantly in just 3 years. Its success is due in part to its experienced team of artists, designers, mathematicians, and software developers, who create original designs, themes, and mechanisms for its slots. Players can feel safe and comfortable playing the brand’s games because they're easy to understand and use. With all the experience and knowledge that the brand has to offer, there's no doubt that they're one of the best casino providers around.

By Ivan Stefanovic

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