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To find the best online Casinos requires doing some research. For the fairest and most accurate results gathering information from one or more Casino affiliate sites is ideal. Gathering this type of material and comparing data can be time consuming for the player. Our Ratings system eliminates the search by collecting statistics, facts and figures in a calculation that delivers the most trusted results.

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Choosing the Best Affiliate Sites

In determining which two affiliate sites to use as part of our rating system, emphasis was placed on the total integrity and trusted reputation it has in the gambling industry.

LatestCasinoBonuses (LCB) founded in 2006 is one of the largest watch dogs out there who doesn’t stand back from exposing Casinos that have unethical business practice and revealing it to the gambling community. Their new Casino Review format features the “Advantages” and “Disadvantages” of each site. The review team combs through the terms and conditions pointing out any rules that are not within quality industry standards. The best features of the site are also significant to every review. A each casino is rated and player comments are also available.

CasinoListings (CL) was established in 2007 with an administration that has worked diligently throughout the years to provide players with the most accurate information available. Through a quality team that is well educated in all faucets of gambling, It shares with their gambling community the good, the bad and the ugly. CL has a philosophy that states: “We tell it like it is, warts and all.” Quality writers give only the most truthful reviews with members that are quite active in reporting and sharing their personal experiences. The advice of CL is valuable to gamblers in making the right decisions where to play.

How Ratings Are Determined

Just as it is important to protect the player it is also important to protect the Casinos against false accusations that are made by disgruntled customers. Knowing the difference creates an honest and fair assessment. Rating a casino is comprised of several factors.

High Ratings are determined by:

No Complaints – When there is little or no negative feedback from the gambling community.

Positive Feedback – When players are satisfied and give positive comments about their playing experience.

Quick Payouts – the Casino processes cash-outs in a reasonable length of time.

Quality Customer Service – Offering customers premium prompt support in answering questions and resolving any issues.

Low ratings are determined by:

Player complaints – If there are an overwhelming number of negative complaints about a specific Casino, it is then we take opinions very seriously. These complaints can range from slow to non-payment of winnings, poor customer service and any unethical business practice.

Unresolved Issues – Any issues that have been brought to the attention of customer service or direct support and have been ignored or unresolved.

Predatory Terms & Conditions – This includes but is not limited to: long processing time for withdrawals, maximum withdrawal limits that are unreasonably low, wagering requirements that are near impossible to reach, banning players without giving a reasonable explanation and unfairly labeling players as “Bonus abusers” thus restricting them from further offers.

We combine our ratings with LCB and CL and compute the total overall average. Please feel free to rate the Casinos on our list. It is your rating that will help us along with other factors in giving the most accurate inclusive rating possible.

By Shelly Schiff

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