Cashback Bonuses

Cashback is a rather simple concept: spend money and receive some of it back. Originally this form of bonus was most prevalent among different poker sites, but as of recent, it has grown to be popular among online casino players as well. The difference is that in online casinos cashback is offered on top of other bonuses and promotions, hence it being a bit of extra that you get back. When combined this way it becomes a very powerful bonus, especially more so if the money is pure cash and not bonus money. Still, to make the most out of cashback promotions you need to be playing at VIP level.

How do I get Cashback?

To start with, you need to open an account in a casino that offers cashback. Luckily, we have created quite a list of casinos below. All you need to do is read through, pick a few favourites, and then decide which one you are going to spend some money on.

When claiming your cashback make sure to follow the rules stipulated by the casino. Also, remember that cashback is a time-sensitive bonus. This means that you won’t actually get the cash back until some time has passed. The most common method is to pay back cash after every week or every month, depending on your deposit and loss history. Naturally, winning players do not tend to get any cashback.

How Do I Use the Cashback Money?

You use it as the rules demand. This is why you need to choose your casino carefully, so as not to be disappointed when the casino demands what they demanded all along. Luckily, most casinos will pay out cashback in cold hard virtual cash, that you can use as you wish. Play, withdraw or just leave it on the account.

In case the cashback is granted as bonus money there will be a few hoops to clear. Bonus money tends to come with wagering requirement, which with cashback are usually extremely low. In this situation, you need to make sure that you are using the cashback bonus money as demanded by the casino in order to transform it into real money.

Cashback for VIPs

Though offered to most all players these days cashback is really something that is aimed at VIP level player. One pound back from ten pounds paid doesn’t sound nearly as good ass thousand pounds back from the ten thousand one spent. This is why cashback bonuses tend to grow as you gain ranks in VIP status.

The two go hand in hand to such an extent that you really should get to know the VIP requirements if you are going for the cashback route. You don’t need to be a millionaire to take advantage of these, as most online casinos are offering a dozen or so VIP levels to reach and enjoy from. Go claim your cashback and other benefits and you will be sure to get a bit extra out of your gaming even if you lose!

By Shelly Schiff

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