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Playboy Slots Review

About Playboy Slots

Microgaming has created this game which features some of the images associated with Playboy Enterprises.  Naturally, many of the symbols of the game are made up of attractive women, though there is no sign of the glossy photographs you would find inside Playboy Magazine.

Playboy Slots has 5 Reels and 243 ways to win. The cost for playing the game is quite reasonable, ranging from 0.01 to 0.10. The maximum payoff however, is quite high, returning 1,215,000 coins if you can get five of the Wild symbols.


One of the symbols in the game is a picture of a Playboy Magazine cover. This icon acts as the game's Scatter Symbol. If you get three or more magazine covers in one of the 243 combinations available on the machine, you will trigger a bonus round. The familiar Playboy logo of white bunny ears is the game's Wild symbol and provides a double payoff when it is part of a win.

Playboy Slots also features some symbols of the good life, including a fancy sports car and an expensive motorcycle. The reels are filled out with the familiar symbols of playing cards.


Playboy Slots will be most profitable if you reach the bonus round. You could be well rewarded if you stay at this machine for a while, because the more often you trigger the bonus round, the more free spins you'll win.

You'll also get a better chance to cash in on another special feature of Playboy Slots, the “Achievements.” These are given out when you get a specified winning line. Collect all of the Achievements and you will receive an increased payoff on your future wins.

Playboy Slots Bonus Feature

Each one of the bonus rounds is named after one of the Playboy women in the game. The first four times you reach the bonus game, you'll be in the “Kimi” round which has ten free spins and a large 5x multiplier of your winning spins.

Even better is the next stage, the “Sofia” bonus round which you'll play when you trigger the bonus round for the fifth through the ninth time. You'll get 15 free spins and the Wild symbols increase and truly run wild to increase your payoffs. For bonus spin rounds 10-14, you'll be in the “Ashley” bonus which features 20 free spins and a “Rolling Reel” multiplier which can be as big as 5x.

The ultimate payoffs appear when you enter the bonus game for the fifteenth time/ You'll be in the “Jilian” round. You'll get 25 free spins plus you'll get a special feature, the “Wild Night” bonus, which can make any or all of the five reels wild.


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GeorgeKrys ● Posted on 2013-11-02 20:18

I love the game, but would like to keep my winnings when I have to log off, so I would play again later.Is this just a sample game??

sydjosh ● Posted on 2013-09-04 01:12

Almost want the girls to start taking it off as I win :P

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