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King Tut's Chamber

King Tut's Chamber by WM

About King Tut's Chamber

Tutankhamun was a pharaoh who lived in 1332–1323 BC and died at the age of 19. His popularity and fame rose in the modern era when his tomb was discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. When his burial site was opened most of the items inside were intact and that gave the world an opportunity to see into the history of Egypt.

WorldMatch has taken this exotic and mysterious history and honoured it with a five reel 5 reel and 25 line video slot called King Tut's Chamber. You can set the number of lines to 1 which would really reduce your chances of winning. After that they can be increased in incrementals of five. The purpose is to have three matching symbols on any particular active line in order to win a prize. Normally the symbols would have to be adjacent to each other and going from left to right but will match has been generous in allowing them to go from right to left as well.

The symbols available, from lowest to highest values, are golden winged Phoenix, the eye of Anubis, ankh, a golden scarab beetle, a mini pyramid, a cat statue, a mask of the jackal headed Anubis, a mask of the sun god Ra, and the top payer is King Tutankhamen’s mask.

And a benefit for those who want to game on the go, it is compatible with iPhones and Android devices.

Special Features

The Wildcard symbol has word boldly printed in yellow. In the background is the crook and the flail. Wildcard are great as they can fill in for the third spot two identical symbols. But that’s not all, and they can make complete chains of even four or five matching signs. The best part is that they can complete combinations for other symbols simultaneously. The Free Spin is the only one that cannot get this special treatment.

Bonus Feature

Free Spin signs look similar to wildcard ones as they also have crook and flail in the background. Landing three or more will award you with extra credits but the best part of the extra 12 free spins. Since you’re not paying for them any gains that you may land are a bonus and the amounts are doubled. While this feature is active you may not change the number of coins bet per line or the number of lines that you can have active.

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