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Dungeon by Evoplay Entertainment

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About Dungeon Slot

Dungeon is a video slot developed by Evoplay Entertainment. The slot is based on a horror theme that will see you warring with enemy creatures in fiery combats. The first thing to notice about this slot is that it looks quite different from the conventional slots we are used to. Dungeon is a shift from the norm in that it is a fully 3D slot equipped with RPG (Role Play Games) elements. Get ready for a dive inside a dark dungeon populated with nefarious creatures. In Dungeon, your fiery alter ego comes to live! Just press a spin button and your character armed with sword and body armor races around prepared to go against the threat lurking around the corner. Eliminate these nefarious elements and you’ll get rewarded with some coins. The responses from other players who tried the game got me wondering if Dungeon will usher in a new paradigm in online gambling.

Special Features

Dungeon comprises a number of rooms that all lead to the final battle against the level’s arch enemy with the potential of bagging up to five thousand times your stake. In essence, Dungeon has huge potential for mega wins. Also, being a HTML5 game means it can be accessed on mobile devices and PC systems without compromising on quality. What this means for an avid slot player is that you can enjoy this slot on the go! Although Dungeon has all the markings of a video game, its developers say unlike conventional Role Play Games (RPGs), it is not a skill-based game meaning outcomes are totally determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), so punters can’t alter the outcomes.

Wins and Cash Prizes

Just like I pointed out earlier, Dungeon is quite out of the norm which means there are a number of anomalies. The first is that you are not going to find the traditional slot layout with pay-lines and reels. Albeit, there’s a spectrum of coin values you can choose from. These values start from 0.10 and can go up to 500. Also, payouts offered in this slot differ according to symbol, meaning each symbol has its own rating. However, the biggest asset in the game is the 5000x your stake for eliminating the Dungeon boss.


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