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About Witch Race

The Witch Race is an animated 3D instant win game, which is best played at Halloween. Truth be told, though: although it is best played at Halloween, you can actually play The Witch Race all year-round, as it is available at any time of the year. The Witch Race is exactly as it sounds, a race between witches to see who can reach the prize first. Just make sure that you bet on the right witch, of you’ll regret it. Of course, you could just bet on all of them!

How to play

There are five witches in this race. Each one has a magic potion next to them, and is a different colour. Players can click on the potions to adjust their bets, next to the witch that they think will win the race. The blue, red, orange, green and red witches can all be wagered on individually, you can bet on several witches, or you can wager on all of them to win. It is really up to you. More than one witch may finish the race, although it could be possible that none of them make it to the finish line. That Cat has a nasty way of knocking the last witch off her broom!

If you witch (or witches) finish the race, then the player will get whatever prize or prizes await them at the finish line. The Witch Race really is as simple as that.

Wagering and prizes

When betting on a witch, players can choose bets that range from zero (if you don’t want to bet on a specific witch), up to 10.00 per witch. You must set the counters to zero on any witch you don’t want to bet on, otherwise you’ll end up wagering on her (or them). All of the bets are added together to give you your total wager. Minimum bets are fixed at 0.10 (for one witch), and a maximum bet of 50.00 is possible, on all five witches.

Prizes vary depending on how much you have staked, but it is possible to win up to €100,000 with this spooky but fun instant win game.

Final thoughts

If we’re telling the truth, The Witch Race is actually hugely enjoyable. It is so primitive, so simple, and yet so much fun. It is rare that a basic game offers this high level of entertainment, but The Witch Race just does!


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